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Best of Ben's Chili Bowl Sampler

Try all of our renowned specialties - Half Smokes to Award Winning Bowls of Chili and we're "sweetening" the pot with Virginia's favorite Banana Pudding. 

Get this special sampler pack of 1 of every food item at a very special price. This sampler includes:

1 each of the following:

  • Original Half Smokes (4pk)
  • Spicy Half Smokes (4pk)
  • Spicy Chili Sauce (1 pint)
  • Chili con Carne (1 pint)
  • Mild Turkey Chili (1 pint)
  • Vegan Chili (1 pint)
  • Banana Pudding (1 container)
We typically ship Mondays and Tuesdays each week.