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Grillin’ It (Ben's Grilling Season Special)

How will you know that you're "grillin' it" at the barbecue this summer?  When you show up with this Ben's combo pack featuring all of our summertime favorites!

Now through June 1, we're offering a special introductory price of only $115.95.

Enjoy 6 packs of our stellar sausages (1 each of Original Half Smokes, Spicy Half Smokes, Beef Half Smokes, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Smoked Andouille), packaged with 2 pints of Chili Sauce, 1 pint of Chili Con Carne, and - don't forget dessert - a 6-pack of Virginia's Favorite Banana Pudding (6oz individuals servings).

Whether it's classic or creative, spicy or sweet, we've carefully curated a little something for everybody in this brand new offering.

$115.95 $135.95